Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where the wild things are

First they were in the orchard, then under our bedroom window and now they're in the house ! This bird was flying merrily around our livingroom while both cats were sitting on the couch, completely riveted.
Mr. RFD claims he gave the masterful command of " Leave it ! " and supposedly Pete , the more intelligent of the two, immediately sat like a stone. Yea, right.

After the bird release, Pete thought he would come and entertain himself where I was working. My sewing chair swivels and as soon as I got up, Pete would take a running jump which was enough to spin the chair around. He also does some complicated maneuver with his paws, pushing and pulling himself sideways so the chair spins faster and longer.

Kind of makes you dizzy in a delicious way.
( This cat can also open doors ! )

To show how versatile he is, he thought he would help me with my next project .
I wonder what it can be ?

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