Friday, June 13, 2008

Midnight photo shoot

I just finished five little rompers for a very sweet little two year-old.It's very late and the light is not very good for a picture, but aren't they cute all lined up in a row ?

Trucks, sailboats and fire engines, it doesn't get any better than this.

Or does it ? How about puppy dogs ?

And how much longer can you dress a boy in polka dots ?
Carpe diem or rather , Carpe Puerim*, I always say.
* that's my Latin joke for the month - puer, pueris = the boy

Cool and understated in classic stripes

Extremely manly, even down to the buttons !
And just because it's after midnight and we get silly when it's very, very late, here is a bonus question for you : identify the largest round object in the picture below.

Give up ? It's a radish from my garden !
Most amazing of all, it was perfectly edible and delicious.

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