Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pretty in pink

The Clapotis is blocked and dry at last and since I fear my modeling shot will not make it into America's Next Top Model Hall of Fame, so I give you this instead :

Chair, modeling Clapotis ,with gratuitous cute kitty. By the way, Emlyn , you were right : Clapotis is pronounced " Clap-O-teeee" - it's French and means "little waves."

While the ClapOtee was blocking, I went to the fabulous Fabric Row in Philadelphia and bought this pretty pink toile fabric.

I used it to resurrect the old dressing table which had been languishing in the top of the barn. Today we delivered it to a happy little girl who loves pink more than anything. Kindly note pink crown !

After much hair combing, lotion applying, hairclip selecting and make-up applying, it's also wonderful fun to crawl under the skirt and pretend the dressing table is a house.

Next up - a new project involving Mr.RFD's favorite pink shirt which has a frayed collar and is worn out.


fatura tahsilat merkezi said...

ya ├žok var daha bitmesine

Elke said...

she grown up to a cute little lady, since my last visit....and the pink toilette is very nice....really I would use also such a nice furniture.

And Lady your ClapoTee looks very pretty, wear your new Sunclases and it looks perfect. :-))

Regina said...

Thanks, Elke ! I think wearing the Clapotis will have to wait until the temperature drops - it is 36 degrees C here right now and very, very humid, which makes it feel even hotter.It's so hot that small children and old people are asked to stay indoors for their own safety.

Emlyn Stancill Whitin said...

Seriously??!!!! You have got to be the greatest Oma EVER EVER EVER!! The dress is fabulous and I am inspired, yes inspired! by you. Thanks for being so generous with your time and talent and love. We are so lucky!