Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ready for a cool summer

So, let's review : here's the worn out pink shirt. a perfect candidate for a nifty idea I had seen on a craft blog .
I carefully cut the shirt apart along the seams.

The back of the shirt plus yoke was cut to look sort of like the front of a little girl's sundress. I wound up reversing this piece since I thought the pleat looked better inverted for the front of the dress.
I used the front of the shirt to cut another shape just like this and that would become the back of the dress.

The flattened sleeves were cut off and I sewed a hem on the bottom to become a casing for 1/2 " elastic. Once the elastic was threaded in, it ruffled the little sleeve/wingy straps very nicely. But, oops, the were too small !

No problem, the bottom of the sleeves was even better for my purpose. The hem of the sleeves became the casing and I just cut a sort of pleasing wing shape freehand. Once the elastic was in, the straps were perfect and could be sewn on at the top of the dress.
Add a little eyelet lace and voila ! I give you a very cool sundress for a little girl who loveslovesloves pink.

The front

The back !
Now wasn't that fun ?

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