Saturday, June 21, 2008


What smells like pig manure, rotten eggs and a hint of cadaver ?

I do - after spraying deer repellent on our little trees in a slight breeze. That is one powerful spray !! Note to self : wait until total calm, wind will veer around in a split second and dose you with noxious smells.

After a long shower, I went to bed, secure in the knowledge that deer would find our orchard repellent and peace would reign on the old homestead for at least one night. What we did not count on was that apparently it would attract other wildlife. We spent the night listening to a bunch of foxes yodeling under our window. Yodeling is the wrong term, a fox has a high-pitched, hoarse bark that combines a scream and a cough - startling to put it mildly, especially in the wee hours , rendered at a high volume and without cease.

Where was our trusty dog, protector of hearth and home, you ask ? Fast asleep on her pillow, next to the open window where the fox concert took place. Maybe the fumes from the deer repellent knocked her out.

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