Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yoga in the Berkshires

I'm back from a week in lovely Lenox Massachusetts teaching yoga for plus-sizes at the Kripalu center. R came with me and trained kettlebells while I led my group in postures, meditation and creative artwork about body image. The group of students was very diverse and hard-working. I just love teaching and seeing them "get it" -- that moment where their eyes light up as they discover that the postures are possible for all of us if we use props and work slowly.

I'm ready to accept the eat local challenge. I had to restock our fridge after a week of being fed delicious gourmet veggie meals up at the spa -- and it was depressing!! Our local Whole Foods is very expensive and fun to shop. However, they don't have a large selection of local food. I've found that the A and P down the street actually has more locally produced produce.

I got red potatoes from NJ, tomatoes and green peppers from NY state, eggs from Nj and chicken breast and sirloin that says it was packed in NJ - but who knows where the animals came from???? I also got two bananas - sigh - from an organic farm but in Costa Rica! Jesus. And peaches and pluots that came from California. Such a bummer. Isn't there some local fruit that is ripe now at the end of summer? Can't find it at my local supermarkets.

Also, it is not lost on me that I just burned many gallons of fossil fuel going up and down from Mass. Seems like it's not easy trying to reduce our carbon impact on the earth.

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Terry said...

Yoga, meditation, and Kettlebells! Sounds like some mighty good Karma there! You all seem to be kind of leaping out there rather unafraid into that buying locally produced food place. How did you happen to think of A & P for locally grown? Glad to hear about your teaching experience. Kettlebells?