Sunday, September 23, 2007

weekly grocery shopping

Glad to hear that G and T are having fun traveling through New England. I read the foliage report this evening and it says that the long hot summer has prevented the leaves from turning yet in most of the Northeast. This is actually fabulous for me and R because we are going up to Kripalu in the beginning of November.
As far as the Eat Local Challenge -- I went to Whole Foods yesterday ready to stock up on my favorite dinner --- bags of salad mix with assorted sliced veggies and then a protein on the side. The bags of salad were so sad and wilted! Even the local salad mixes looked past their freshness. A lady shopping next to me remarked that she was going to go to another supermarket to try their lettuces. However, since I am part of the eat local challenge - I got creative. Tonight I ate zuchinni, tomatoes, onions and garlic all cooked with a little olive oil and salt and pepper together with a pork cutlet. It was fresh and tasty. I also bought a spaghetti squash and am going to try to microwave it and prepare it from a recipe I found on the internet - like a little pasta carbonara with faux spaghetti. Should be pretty tasty.
The one food that I'm missing in this challenge is Bananas. I really enjoy them as a quick treat when I have along day in NYC - they are available at every deli and there are plenty of fruit vendors on the sidewalks selling them for 25 cents a piece. I will break down and have one this week I think......hee hee.

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