Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some rules

Emlyn poses the question of whether to choose local or organic food when you can't have both in one. I think I would choose organic over local if I had to make a choice : why eat something of inferior quality which may be bad for you ?

But I think we each need to make up our own rules for this challenge.

Here are my rules :

1. Anything already in the pantry can be eaten, but no replacements can be bought, if they don't fall within the 150 mile radius T and I decided on.

2. If you can't eat a 100 % locally produced organic meal, at least have some ingredients that are local and organic.

3. If none of the food can be local, try to buy ethically produced food , which means organic , Fair Trade, no meat produced by huge commercial operations, etc.

4. If that's not possible, buy from a local farmer or business.

5. Last, tell your friends about why you are doing this and encourage them to think about where their food comes from and what they are supporting with their food dollars.

Does this help, Emlyn ? Let's hear the rules which you set for yourself.


kaleforsale said...

I found you while looking for something else and I'm so happy to know that people are eating local all across the US even though I know that, it's so refreshing or comforting or heartwarming or reassuring or something to actually see people writing about it and living it! Thank you.

Commander said...

Organic or local, if you cook it Gina, I'll eat it. ;)