Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Easy house guests

After our frantic Labor Day clean-up and beautifying spree, we are now ready for our house guests from Germany.
I gingerly tried to explain to them our month-long local eating , since they will be affected by it, and was surprised by their enthusiastic reception of the idea. They are excited by all the fresh vegetables in the garden and said they could eat ripe tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
As a matter of fact, here's our breakfast table this morning: two kinds of local honey, home-made peach and blackberry jam, home-made bread, the bowl of vegetables, and some ham which was still on hand. Freshly laid eggs from the chickens were turned down in favor of more ripe tomatoes.

Feeding them is going to be a piece of c...,ummm,... a slice of tomato !

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