Monday, September 8, 2008

Hawaii, Land of Food

BEHOLD the glory that is Korean Plate Lunch! And be healed.....

Korean Plate Lunch is a sacred island tradition. Kahlua Pig would eat it every day if Mrs.NYC let him. Much like The King fell pray to the sexy allure of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches so the mighty Kahlua Pig's proverbial eyes and left ventricle are at war over the delights of Meat Jun Plate Lunch - egg batter dipped slices of beef fried to perfection, mayonnaisy macaronni salad (the more mayo the better), seaweed salad, kimchee, bean sprouts, pickled cucumber, corn, etc.. All for $8.99. KP's favorite chain on the island is Yummy's BBQ. The photos above are a finished plate of Meat Jun, two photos of the sides you get (4 sides allowed plus two enormous scoops of white rice - I'm guessing almost 4 cups of it) and finally the menu board.

TESTIFY to the power of Malasadas!

The top two pictures are of delicious piping hot Malasadas, a Portuguese doghnut hole covered in crunchy white sugar. Leonard's, the chain that makes them, opens at 5:30am every day. This is when the Malasadas are screamingly fresh having just arisen from their morning oil bath and coating. Kahlua Pig and Mrs. NYC were there at 6:30am. They had to wait in line. IN LINE! At 6:30AM, people! That's how good these are. And quite a bargain at 79 cents a piece. You can have them plain or filled with cream for an additional 20 cents. This month's special cream flavour is Guava. They also feature coconut cream which KP tried and didn't like so much, mango cream, lichee cream and more exotic tropical fruit flavors. Leonards also has a pig in a blanket portuguese sausage wrapped in more dough called a pau pup. KP ate his while standing in line waiting to pay. At 6:30am. Note in the top picture the two cups of coffee. They are not your plain old boring French Roast, my friends. They are cups of Kona coffee, Hawaii's local bean and second only to Blue Mountain coffee is Jamaica for flat out rich flavour.
Now do you want to come along with us in 09????

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