Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boogie Boarding and Body Surfing

These are pictures of the boogie and body surfers who are catching some morning waves at Sandy Beach, Mrs. NYC's favorite. The athleticism of these guys is really impressive. Can you tell that the face of those waves is at least 5 feet? The force of the water landing on top of you when you get to the bottom of the wave must be incredible. The surfers wear flippers so that they can kick into position quickly. To body surf they point one arm straight down the wave and go head first with their feet in the air. We saw more than one go head over heels in the white water as a wave pulled back from the shore. Kahlua Pig and I bought a boogie board with hopes of riding some baby waves at Waikiki beach, but the waves there are so mild that nothing happened. We will leave it behind in the condo for the next vacationers to enjoy. I want to take a surfing lesson tomorrow before we leave, but KP says play it by ear in case we are tired. No use sitting on a 10.5 hour flight if you are injured.


Regina said...

Do it, Mrs. NYC !!! Take surfing lessons and live ! remember that was Auntie Mame's mantra and look what fun she had.Don't pass up this great chance - go for it! And, KP, you take pictures, please.

megan said...

cool. I think i will!! hee hee'!!

megan said...

ps. the pic of you in the window is adorable