Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go Reindeer! I mean THUNDER!

Today was R's first day of soccer!  She is now on Team Thunder, a part of the Mt. Washington Soccer League.  Not knowing what to expect, we met R's friend Avie and her family at their house and walked to the field.  The place was JAM PACKED with children and their parents, I swear there were at least 300 children there, and although the weather was overcast when we left the house, it turned brutally humid and sunny - agh.  Somewhat overwhelming for me, but R just followed me to her team gamely and stood there while I tried to figure out what to do and who to talk to.  Her coaches, Gero and Whitney were very nice and we got our jerseys (she is #5!) and a pair of blue socks.  Our colors are white, with blue writing.  Her friend Avie was on a different team, Team Heat, and although R didn't know a soul on her team, she went out there and did so well!  My "shy" child is actually really brave!  At her first water break, R came over to me and said "Mommy, I did really well.  I listened when they told me not to touch the ball with my hands and I ran all the way without touching it!"  and then a few minutes later (whispered to me, so as not to hurt any feelings) "Mommy, everyone else forgot and touched the ball with their hands, I was the Only One who didn't!"  It was so sweet!  Never mind the fact that she beat everyone in drills because she took off running without her ball (slows you down, duh) and when the ball literally rolled across her feet in the scrimmage against Team Crunch, she looked around like, "shouldn't someone be running after this ball?"  So far, so good.  At least she got out there and tried her best and she really listened to every word the coach said and paid attention - and had fun!  As we were walking back to Avie's house she said, sort of confidentially, "Mom, I think we won" with a knowing look on her face.  Baby brother W, on the other hand, was not at all thrilled to be there and kept yelling: "no more soccer, no soccer!" when he wasn't cheering for his sister.  It was so hot and I was totally unprepared - no sunscream (what W calls it) no snacks, nothing to sit on and only a travel mug full of hot tea.  When it was finally over and we were on our drive home there was silence in the back seat and I almost thought he had fallen asleep, when out of nowhere I hear, at top volume, "GO REINDEER!"  At least he's supportive!  Hopefully my camera will be fixed by next week and I'll have some actual pictures of Team Thundering Reindeer.

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megan said...

NO SOCCER! hmmm....i think he gets that from his Auntie Megan. Maybe he should play rugby instead? Rhysie sounds like she did really well -- my congratulations to our long legged budding athlete. Next time, sunscream!