Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Day in the Life

The two pics of me are tests of outfits to wear to Wilhelmina to meet my agents for the first time! I was so psyched to get all dolled up and go - (I chose the olive dress with belt since it was more winter appropriate.) Of course, the day I was ready to meet them they weren't ready for me and couldn't come out of a meeting. The following visit I was wearing just jeans and a shirt and of course, had the big meeting. Next time I will be prepared for maximum stealth glamour. For inspiration on looking cute in the city no matter what the occasion go to one of my favorite blogs,

The bras are weartests that I am taking back to the respective companies tomorrow. Part of my job entails wearing bras that aren't in the marketplace yet and give the designers feedback as to how they fit, feel and stand up to my laundromat washer and dryer (ie. shrinkage, piling, etc..) So there are always bras in my purse, on the floor, in the wash - jesus, this is like cat in the hat. The credit card like thingies are the pre-paid cards for the washer and dryer.

Inspired by mom's beautiful pictures (hey em I am loving the re-arranged dining room! It looks so formal and elegant - way to go) I am posting a few from my day in the no particular order. This is the big vase with new paperwhites which I just started last week. I'm so psyched to have the aroma and a little hint of spring especially in light of the winter blast we just got in nyc. The vase is on the cabinet next to the computer table.
Happy Valentine's Day Mom and Em! I love you both and hope you have a great day today.
xoxoxoxo Daughter/Auntie Megan

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Emlyn Stancill Whitin said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED your post!!! You HAVE to do more of them!!! Now I get a feeling for what you actually are doing - I hope you do more of them. I especially liked the bra picture. Can I use it when I do my collaging with Cassie this weekend? Happy Valentine's Day!
xoxo Em