Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The morning after

Every little twig is covered in ice, the trees are bowed down with the weight of it and icicles are hanging from every horizontal surface. It's still incredibly slippery : Jonesy took a tumble off the porch when he stepped out the door, the chickens can't stay on their feet and a guinea slid right off the roof of his house when I came in the pen to feed. The horses are staying in their stalls - very wise- and the poor dog still can't seem to keep her feet from sliding in 4 directions.
My barefoot hike is showing signs of consequences - I am developing what my German mother called " einen tuechtigen Schnupfen". The dictionary defines tüchtig as competent, capable, efficient, sizeable,industrious,hearty,good and proper and Schnupfen is a cold. So I'm taking tons of vitamin C in the hope of making the Schnupfen not so tüchtig.
Good bye Jack London, hello Linus Pauling !

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Emlyn Stancill Whitin said...

Take zinc and lysine too! My surefire way (so far) of avoiding a cold this year is to take 1000mg vitamin C, 1 zinc , 1 lysine (boosts immune system) and 1 prenatal vitamin (I can lend you some!). Stay well!