Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice in the City

The aftermath at our house was definitely not as dramatic as in the country but we had almost an inch of ice on our steps this morning!! I was very creative and scraped it off with an old metal dustpan while R (ready for school and waiting to descend to the car) and Nellie (anxious to go potty) looked on. Poor Nellie! At one point I gave her a little shove back with my elbow (hot, stinky breath in face) and she slid off the steps and hung by her leash in the neighbors front garden!! Luckily her hind feet touched the ground so she didn't choke and I get her leash off as fast as I could but it was still pretty traumatic for both of us. Then R, Nellie and I skated our way to the car, went to school, only to find that school was closed! R's response to a school closing? "OH GOODY! Now I can go back to bed and listen to the rain pitter patter on my window!! Do you know? I didn't really want to get up this morning" ... and on and on. This reminds me of when R was just a babe in the snow:

Ah those were the days!

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Regina said...

Oh, that little red nose ! I had forgotten about that. How sweet to be reminded of those days. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you !