Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why the Little Sticky Label on Fruit?

Why the Little Sticky Label on Fruit? You may have thought that it would give the checkout clerk a clue as to price , but the label actually contains much more interesting information : the numbers denote how a fruit or vegetable was grown.

Four numbers - conventionally grown
Numbers starting with " 9" - organically grown
Numbers starting with " 8 " - genetically modified

I just checked the bananas I bought yesterday, they had the number 4237 on their sticker , which denotes they were conventionally grown. 94237 would have been organically grown and 84237 would have landed in the garbage can !

I've always wondered if we are being exposed to genetically modified food without knowing it, now at last we have a clue - at least when we're buying fresh fruits and vegetables.

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