Saturday, October 13, 2007

We're making cider...sort of

Here's the newly built cider press. It has a 1.5 ton jack which pushes down on a plate inside the tube to squash the apples and squeeze out the juice.

Here we go - cutting up apples and grinding them in the food processor. The ground apples are then placed in a cloth and made into a sort of bag, which is put into the hole in the tube. The jack then descends and exerts pressure.

Hurray, we have juice and it tastes pretty good !

Uh oh !!!! Too much pressure is bowing the metal grate under the tube ! There are ominous cracklings and poppings. Stop the press !

The mechanical crew ( composed of T ) has gone to the barn to figure out how to fix our problem. Here is the cider we have made so far.


4 Ranges, RKC said...

Save some for us! :)

megan said...

after having r help me for like half an hour i can finally leave a comment. my comment is this: "we could have talked for an hour if i had just called you to admire your efforts at cidermaking and your very lovely fall pictures, but no, i decided to try to post a comment." waa!!!