Friday, October 5, 2007

Leave it to Emlyn

The Eat Local challenge was, unfortunately, a total bust for me. Due to unusual circumstances and poor planning, I think I actually ate less local than I usually do!! Thank God for the CSA share and the Mother Garden and eggs or we would have been total failures. Basically, I found myself in that typical working (OTH: Outside the Home) parent dilemma: You come home from work - everyone (incuding you) is starving. You've got no plan, few groceries and little time to pull it together before the collective blood sugar drops to a dangerous level. Not to mention the husband is who is a) usually gone or b) asking me what's for dinner. ARG! I think I need a crock pot. Anyone know anything about crock pots? Can recommend a good one? That makes me think of this useless bit of trivia: 50 years ago yesterday, the pilot for "Leave it to Beaver" was launched.


4 Ranges, RKC said...

Heh, you should blog about our "Raw Meat Specialists" adventure!

That was fun! :) I certainly enjoyed it.

megan said...

girl, would you like me to lend you my crockpot?! it's super easy and actually makes a delicious roast!! remember when my stove went out his summer??? it's all i used! actually, that was a lie. i also ate a lot of takeout. but the crockpot is still yours for the taking.