Sunday, May 3, 2009

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

It's the first weekend in May and time for the annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, the mecca for all shepherds and fiber enthusiasts .
Despite the rain, which came down on and off all day long, the true devotees were not deterred and enjoyed themselves as if the sun were shining.

Displays like this helped keep the enthusiasm high - how could you resist all that fiber and yarn ? ( I didn't ! )
Lovely junk food helped keep the energy levels up, to haul away all the purchases that were made.
And when the rain started again in earnest

you could always find refuge in one of the many barns admiring the sheep. I love the expression on this guy's face - clearly, it is his first encounter with a lamb and both are loving the experience !

So despite the less than perfect weather, I would say that a grand time was had by all .
What did I get, you ask ? Stay tuned ...

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Acorn Dandelion and Rose said...

Oh you DID go!!! I'm so envious! Can't wait to see what you got. R and W would have loved it. Were there manageable crowds b/c of the rain? You lucky duck! Love your photos!