Sunday, January 25, 2009

Glamour Shoot

Hey there, Mrs RFD - we still want to keep the blog going! Here are some shots of my recent Glamour shoot at DriveIn studios in Soho --

Sadly, we did not get to go to Florida or a more exotic locale to shoot our swimsuits. Hence the fake beach - I wouldn't have wanted to do that cleanup. It's amazing though how realistic it looks in the shots. The lighting was so bright that it totally looked like natural sunlight. The last shot shows the big racks of bathing suits they pulled for the shoot. We probably only wore 7 or 8 of them total but they had every option you could think of available just in case. The models ranged in size from very large to very slender - one of the positive things about Glamour is that they always have "dress your shape" stories where they show every possible body type wearing something like jeans and how to do it in a flattering way. The negative? We had to shoot a really hideous bathing suit which was the Don't in addition to our fabulous Do suit. In the top shot I am wearing my Don't which was a black and white flowered one piece that made me look pregnant. A tough feat since one of my parts which is shapely is my waist. Luckily, my Do suit was a purple halter top by Miraclesuit which looked so excellent that I'm hunting it down on the web to buy. Bless the crew, they kept us toasty despite the fact that it was 19 degrees outside that day.

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Mrs RFD said...

Wow, I love the glimpse behind the scenes ! I can't believe the mountains of bathing suits they had on hand - surely there must be one in that pile which will make me look glamorous too ? Show us your purple suit when you find it !