Monday, January 26, 2009

A Celebration

Happy Birthday, dear Virginia !

This lovely picture is from The Atlantic's January/February issue where Alison Light's new book Mrs. Woolf and the Servants is reviewed.
Yesterday, January 25, was Virginia Woolf''s 127th birthday . It was celebrated by all of us who have loved her books and have admired her courageous and sometimes heartbreaking struggle to tell the truth about the world the way she saw it . Her writing is so imaginative, so delicate yet tough, funny, touching and piercing , but above all honest, it takes the reader's breath away even now 100 or so years later.
Thank you , Virginia - we are thinking about you on your birthday with love and affection and gratitude for your courage to open yourself in your writing , letting all of us share in your vision of life and beauty and truth.

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Emlyn said...

It's so funny that I rejected Virginia as too difficult for so many years, and now that i've finally started reading her, not only can I not stop, but I think about it all the time. Especially To the Lighthouse and The Hours - pictures from those books wander through my mind on a regular basis. Amazing.