Sunday, October 12, 2008


70 is a landmark birthday. Perhaps The Patriarch was expecting Le Cirque? Why was he driving further and further away from the bright lights of Baltimore into Greek town! Why on earth was he dressed to the nines standing outside a neighborhood hole in the wall? Surely his daughters had given him the wrong address? Where was valet parking?
We played in cool - greeting him with hugs and launching into a platter of never-ending souvlaki, saganaki, pita, hummus and leg of lamb. Fine food, but certainly not 70th worthy? Where was the filet mignon? The crystal, the linen tablecloth? A bottle of Moet was produced and toasts were had all around. This was more like it. Maybe they were scrimping because of the Dow? Poor daughters. How prudent of them. We presented the patriarch with "The Odyssey," a tale of epic adventure for a lifetime. How thoughtful.
As the evening was winding down we produced one more small gift - a silver box. Inside - SURPRISE!! Two tickets to a cruise of the Greek isles! Leaving on Tuesday! Tears, cheers of "Opa!" from the surrounding diners, many laughs and high-fives - success.


Emlyn Stancill Whitin said...

WE DID IT!!!!! Hee hee hee hahahahahahah - sooooo proud of us. Where are the rest of the pictures? I want more! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!

Regina said...

Το cWho έχει τις καλύτερες κόρες (και το γαμπρό) στον κόσμο; !
( yes, I'm learning Greek. If you want to know what it says, try Babelfish.)