Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Greek Adventure Day 1

It seems like just a day or two ago that we were sitting in a little Greek restaurant at home, celebrating The Patriarch's 70th birthday and trying to recover from the shock of his magnificent present.We were still trying to come to grips with the reality of this magnificent gift as we were packing for the trip and now we are actually here !

Does this look familiar to anyone ? It's the Acropolis, as seen from just outside our adorable hotel, the O&B, a ( and I quote ) " boutique hotel, very modern, but very cozy. " And indeed it is. The staff is incredible, someone came out into the street as soon as we pulled up in our car (complete with driver ! The luxury ! ), greeted us, whisked our luggae to our room, brought us tea and frappe ( iced Greek coffee ) and made us feel totally welcome and at home.
The first thing we did after our loooong flight, was take a nap and then we took a stroll up to the Acropolis as the sun was setting and a big full moon came out to light our way. As in all mediterranean countries, the twilight hour is the time to take a stroll, to see and be seen, and we enjoyed not only the Antiquities at every step, but the local color as well.

Athens is a huge city,very spread out, but cozy in feel. There are mountains on three sides and the sea on the other. This hill has a small church on top which lit up fiery and golden as the sun set.
After a lovely dinner in our hotel ( American Greek food does NOT equal Greek food in Greece ! ) we are ready to turn in early so that we can do a long sightseeing day tomorrow - Acropolis, Agora, and more-a !!!!
Thank you again, incredible family, for making this dream come true !


megan said...

I'm sooo happy you are enjoying the trip and that you are blogging! I am jumping up and down in my seat with anticipation for your next post. Savour the pampering, rental units - you ain't seen nothing yet, wait till you get to the Silverwind!!!
xoxoxo m and r

Emlyn Stancill Whitin said...

Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! You are enjoying and basking and being pampered!!! YOu deserve it, hard-working parents!!! I promise to try my hardest not to kill your plants while you are gone. I wait with breathless anticipation for your next post ... xoxoxoxoxox Em and R and W

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