Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Watery World

After consulting the tide tables, Mr. RFD and I loaded up the canoe this Sunday morning and headed for a shallow bay which is part of the great Chesapeake Bay. There would be 3 feet of water at high tide, deep enough for us to explore the bay and some of its tributary creeks.

The canoe is a very silent way to travel and lets you slip into the most secret places.

Can you see the old railroad bridge up ahead ? I love the way reflections mirror the real world and take on a reality all their own.

Out on the bay we saw ospreys diving into the shallow water for fish, egrets sunning themselves on tree stumps sticking out of the water, eagles wheeling overhead and close up, dragonflies, fish and lots and lots of water birds . The banks were covered in blooming wildflowers , like this lipstick red cardinal flower.

There were huge patches of water lilies in bloom and I almost thought I spied M. Claude Monet, painting away at one of his water lily pictures ....

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4 Ranges, RKC said...

Gina, your pictures are so gorgeous! Your photography just keeps getting better!

Miss you guys.