Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tea with R

I had a little visitor yesterday and while I was cooking lunch, she played quietly in another part of the house.
Imagine my delight and surprise last night after she had left, when I went into the room she had played in.

A perfectly set tea table, complete with napkins and everyone on their best behavior - even the baby in the highchair.

This is tangible proof that children mimic the behavior they see and it is humbling to me to realize how much influence we as adults have. Think about that the next time your child exhibits less than stellar behavior - how much of it is mimicing the adult and what skills have you taught, by your actions, on how to handle a situation .

A humbling thought ....

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Emlyn Stancill Whitin said...

Oooooh, that is so sweet! What a lovely tea party, I can only hope that I will be invited to the next one. Or maybe only the dollies were invited because their behavior is superior? It is quite possible. What a great observation about children modeling their behavior after the adults around them. Although I have to say that I have probably never set a table so beautifully!