Friday, May 16, 2008

What's Cooking ?

It's a great big pot of green cotton ! One whole pound , to be exact.

I spun it on my favorite Akha spindle, plied it and now it is simmering to deepen the color. When it is dry, it will turn into this.

As to all these rocks I have been digging up the last few days, I had two aha ! moments while digging. The first was when I realized I was excavating the site of a former stone wall. There's a reason this farm is called Stonewall Farm !

The second was when I said bitterly to myself " I could build a house with all these rocks." Second Aha ! moment : I think I'll build the base for my clay breadbaking oven out of them. I always wanted to try building with field stone the way Scott and Helen Nearing did.
And the moral is : When life gives you lemons - uhm, I mean rocks, - - - make walls.

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