Monday, May 19, 2008

Clapotis anyone ?

I'm starting to attack my Sheep & Wool stash - first up, SOLO from Brooks Farm Yarn, a lovely, soft singles yarn made of Fine Wool according to the label, perfect for a Clapotis.
Are last week's knitting buddies still interested in a knit-along ? We probably carry the distinction of being the last three human beings to knit this popular pattern. Makes me feel slightly outdated, sort of like a dinosaur.

I love the way the swatch for it turned out. This is going to be a fun knit !

The only thing I'm not crazy about are the little bumps on the side. They are made by the increases in the last stitch on each side. I tried reknitting these increases in different ways to achieve a prettier, smoother border, but couldn't really figure out another way. Any ideas, fellow knit-alongers ?


Emlyn Stancill Whitin said...

Yes! I want to Clapotis with you!!! This, however, will require a good deal of support from your end, including but not limited to: yarn selection from my stash, getting started and perhaps a few midnight phone calls "what the ^%$^$ do I do next?" and "how do I fix the %$#^ thing?" I'm in if you're in!

Regina said...

Emlyn, I see some wonderful purple handspun on a big fat bobbin at your house ...perfect for a Clapotis, no ?

Elke said...

Clapotis - yes me too!Sorry I use this way - Regina I've got your mail and also answered directly - I hope it reach you.
Now I entered my stash and will look for a smoothy yarn.

Elke said...

Regina - increase the stitch before the last, so you have no bumps at the end.

happy knitting