Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Bee Mystery

As you may know, bees have disappeared all over the country. When beekeepers opened their hives this spring, most of their bees had simply vanished - there was no sign of sickness, no little corpses, nothing. CCD, or colony collapse disorder, is being studied by scientists, but noone has figured out yet what could be causing it.

Imagine how excited I was this morning when I saw this :

lots of bees clustered inside a butternut squash blossom at 10 in the morning, when all good little bees should be out foraging and collecting nectar !

None of the bees had pollen on their legs, which probably means that they they spent the night inside this blossom rather than in their hive. And why are they huddled together all alone, without a queen ?

I wonder if there could be a clue here to solve the mystery of CCD ?

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