Monday, July 20, 2009

Our weekend trip

Judging by this picture, you would think we took a quick trip to Italy this weekend, wouldn't you ? But instead we went to New York and visited Kykuit, the marvelous Rockefeller summer house , overlooking the Hudson.

Three generations of Rockefellers came here for the summer to get away from the city heat and to enjoy golf on their private golf course and riding and driving their horses. Some of their vast fortune was spent on collecting art - most surprisingly, modern art. The entire basement of the house is an art gallery filled with all the modern greats - Picasso, Miro, Calder, Motherwell, Warhol, Grace Hartigan - it's an amazing collection.

There's lots of sculpture outside as well and we could have spent hours exploring the grounds, but we needed to move on - we had reservations in Vermont that night at this charming Bed & Breakfast.

And just look what's next door - the annual Library Book Sale !! Of course we had to hit that the next morning and came away with a big box full of goodness.
And then it was time for the real reason for this trip - the wedding !

The setting and the weather were perfect

The bride was lovely, the groom handsome and the ceremony made me cry - so many hopes, expressed so earnestly and with such feeling and so much love and fond good wishes surrounding this young couple who is taking their place in the long chain of people who came before - all of them bravely taking that step together into the unknown.

Some very funny speeches were made

lots of socializing took place and then the dancing began !

Could this be a little breakdance action on the side ?

And then a wedding cake appeared - what a wonderful party ! I think the expression on the children's faces says it all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gina, What a wonderful blog. When you got to the wedding pictures I got a lump in my throat all over again. T.

Rergina said...

Aaaawwww, thanks so much !

Acorn Dandelion and Rose said...

Great photos Mom!! I wish I had thought to go to the Rockefeller estate, but then again it might have been too much for the budding breakdancer and his sister sidekick. I got a little verklempt at the wedding reminiscing too. Sniff sniff.