Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fowl Play !

It was a beautiful spring day yesterday - sunshine, green grass, bugs and worms crawling happily in the dirt - just the perfect day to let the chickens out of their pen and go on a little adventure.
Little did we realize what an adventure it would be. When I came home after running errands all afternoon, I went to shut the chickens in for the night and as I passed the pasture, here's what I saw :

One of the chickens was swimming in the horse watering trough, surrounded by a few feathers ! What crazy circumstance had deposited here there ? Chickens don't do water ! All kinds of scenarios crossed my head :
a triple dare by another hen? Go on, I bet you can't stay afloat ! Certification for the Red Cross Swimmers Badge ? Deadman's Float - 5 minutes minimum . Extreme Chicken Sports ? Fly as high as you can, fold wings and plummet into the tub or some horrible catastrophe ? Eagle attack !!!! well, more probably chicken hawk attack .Or possibly suicide ??

I plucked out the exhausted bird and placed her gently into the chicken house with her compatriots who were already on their roosts for the night. She seemed fine, if somewhat subdued and very clean, but this morning, alas, she was dead.

And the moral of the story is : overreaching has bad consequences, stick to your area of expertise and definitely don't take your chicken swimming.

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