Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Philadelphia Flower Show

We managed to slip and slide our way down the driveway through the snow drifts to attend this year's Philadelphia Flower Show. It's the country's oldest ( and largest ) flower show and Philadelphia is justly proud of it, as can be seen by this mural .

This year's theme is Bella Italia and was illustrated by many columns topped with abbondanza-style flower arrangements.

But what we liked best of all was the green roof mock-up which showed a huge green roof constructed by PECO in Philadelphia. Why did we like it best of all, you ask ?

Because the sedums are grown entirely on our very own green roof media, that's why !! Isn't it handsome ?

Green roofs were all the rage - here's one on a birdhouse . And what's not to like about a green roof ? It retains storm water which would normally run off the roof , it keeps the building at a steady temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, it provides a safe habitat for all kinds of flora and fauna and it ameliorates global warming - not bad for a little bit of dirt and a few plants on the roof .

And, yes, there were other exhibits and lots of wonderful flowers there, too.

But here at home on the farm we have our very own little flower show going on and I almost think it's the best flower show of all. What do you think ?

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