Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An evening with R & W

We have been very busy here at Christmas Central, crafting apple Santa Clauses . Here's how : first you must polish a round, red apple until it is shiny. Next, a walnut head is attached to this apple body with a toothpick and then a pointy hat is created from golden wrapping paper and much glue ( cut a half circle out of the paper and glue long sides together. Make sure it fits your walnut head.) Attach hat with glue and give your Santa two round little eyes and a sweet red nose. Last, glue on a cotton wool beard, but we used fleece from a white sheep instead. R opted for two fir branch arms and proceeded to trim each needle off very carefully.

Then she had a great idea - let's give Santa a cloak. " I know just what to do, Oma ! " and she did. She cut out and attached the cloak by herself and decorated it with a big golden star - very Santa Clausish, I think.

Two year-old brother made a Santa too, with a little help.

Then we got totally carried away and made a house for Santa, complete with Christmas tree and ornaments.

Where there is glue and cotton wool, there has to be some silliness, too, of course !

And where there's an Oma babysitting, there has to be some good-night story reading, as well. What a fine evening the three of us had !

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Emlyn Stancill Whitin said...

ooooooh, we just love it when Oma babysits!!! Thank you!! xoxoxox and lots of love,
R and W