Monday, July 28, 2008

Where have we been ?

Tasting the fleshpots here at the farm !

A very complicated and compact " train" was constructed, as can be seen here.

This required the issuing of tickets, which were strictly controlled ( no ticket - no ride ! )

Eventually we arrived at a wonderful tea party.At this point my associate took over the camera and took approximately 70 pictures.

There was lots to photograph outside, too. Here's Pete, the cat, and

the first basket full of tomatoes from the garden. Pretty nice pictures for a 5 year old, wouldn't you say ?

Suddenly a pony came knocking on the door !

My associate is turning into a competent rider with a good seat, but - oops - we forgot the riding hat !

Naturally, you have to have a refreshing bath after a big ride.

Younger brother, meanwhile, is loving the pool and why not - it's 90 degrees in the shade. Time for all of us to take a dip . Hope your summer is as much fun as ours !

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