Monday, December 31, 2007


The deer have been eaten and the last eagle posed this morning for one last portrait before disappearing for good.
Our magnificent visitors and the past year 2007 shared some similarities : there was surprise, delight, awe, joy, some elements of horror ( two deer carcasses being slowly picked clean, revealing their interiors bit by gruesome bit ), excitement, content and each morning, curiosity as to what the new day would bring.
As we count down the hours until the new year starts, I look back with gratitude at all the new experiences 2007 brought, the love with which our family surrounded us and the good health with which we enjoyed every day. How fortunate we are !
As we think back to all the highlights of the past year and look forward to the next, I wish you the best for 2008 - may all your hopes and plans find some measure of fulfillment and when life's inevitable difficulties and setbacks occur, may you be equal to the task set for you and may you grow stronger as you work through them.
Happy New Year to you all !!


4 Ranges, RKC said...

Nice post Gina! Happy New Year to you and everyone!

Emlyn Stancill Whitin said...

What lovely well-wishes for 2008 and what a nice send-off to 2007. Thanks, Mom!